Environment, capital market and Volkswagen – How does it fit together? Since June 2018, a research cooperation between the Business Information Systems / VLBA department and Volkswagen AG has been working on new ways of environmental communication. The aim is to create a prototype for an environmental big data platform that provides the capital market with environmental data.

Together with the new project participants, a project meeting was held at the VLBA at the beginning of September. The photo shows the participants from left to right: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Solsbach (VLBA), Dr. Ina Thurn (Volkswagen AG), Rainer Hartung (Volkswagen AG), Dr. Torsten Gailus (Volkswagen AG), Raphaela Helbig (Volkswagen AG), Sven von Höveling (VLBA) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jorge Marx Gómez (VLBA).

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