A project meeting took place in Wolfsburg at the end of October. At the factory gate, the VLBA team was welcomed by the new VW logo.

Changes were discussed at the project meeting. Cedrik Theesen introduced himself as a new project employee of VLBA. In addition to organizational agreements, the main focus of the project on sustainability reporting for the financial community was confirmed. The focus in the coming months will be on the further development of the prototype. The steps of the next months were discussed in order to ensure the further progress of the project.

Participants of the meeting: Dr. Ina Thurn (Volkswagen), Dr. Torsten Gailus (Volkswagen), Rainer Hartung (Volkswagen), Raphaela Helbig (Volkswagen), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jorge Marx Gómez (VLBA), Sven von Höveling (VLBA) and Cedrik Theesen (VLBA).

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