(Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2014/08/08/07/30/success-413093_960_720.jpg)

In mid-August, the project team presented the results of the last project quarter. The meeting took place in Wolfsburg. Focus was on the first version of the prototype.

All project participants were satisfied with the results so far and there was a constructive discussion about improvements and further functions of the prototype as well as about the project as a whole.

Participants of the meeting: Dr. Ina Thurn (Volkswagen), Dr. Torsten Gailus (Volkswagen), Raphaela Helbig (Volkswagen), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jorge Marx Gómez (VLBA), Dr.-Ing. Andreas Solsbach (VLBA), and Sven von Höveling (VLBA).

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