(Source: https://enviroinfo2019.org)

It would be a dream for investors, politicians, and customers if sustainability-related company data was machine-readable and freely available Open Data. Such approaches exist for individual contents and regions, but they are not widespread worldwide and only concern a selective part of the thematic diversity of sustainability.

Sven von Höveling and Raphaela Helbig presented the current status of their strategic analysis at the “EnviroInfo” conference at the end of September 2019. The analysis considered a special new form of data provision by companies called “Corporate Sustainability Open Data”. The two highlighted the potential of digitizing companies and processes. In addition, they derived some strategies from the situation analysis that could be taken into account in the development of software solutions.

Last but not least, the presentation provided a hanger for valuable Feedback and good conversations within the assembled researchers. The results of the strategic analysis will be incorporated into the further development of the prototype.

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